Trumsense Small Blind Spot 4 To 20ma Range 5 To 20m Ultrasonic Mud Level Meter Sludge Interface Meter Measure Water Depth And Sludge Thickness Together With Temperature Compensation

Item No.: 00258 Can measure the water depth and sludge thickness at the same time with temperature compensation and its special design is small blind zone probe.
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1. Principle of Trumsense Ultrasonic Sludge Level Meter

The Ultrasonic Sludge Blanket is instrument of measured sludge, which is contact, high reliability, cost-effective, easy to install and maintain. It achieves the detection of underwater sludge level by spreading of the liquid and owns the independent property rights with development for many years by Trumsense.





2. Basic technical parameter:

As different installation environment, please learn the basic situation before the Ultrasonic sludge blanket works, such as   measure range, zero point, full range and field conditions and so on.

Note: The probe and algorithm selection, parameter Correction, please don’t modify them on yourself.


Split Type


In default:5m10m15m20m

Customized: 30m40m50m60m70m




5mm or 0.5%maximum


Chinese and English LED

Analog Output

420mA/750Ω load

Relay Output


Two group of Single Channel  AC 250V/ 8A or DC 30V/ 5A 

Status can be programmed

Power supply

Standard: 220V AC+15%  50Hz

Option:24VDC 120mA

Customize: 12VDC or battery



LED : -20+60℃

Probe : 20+80℃


Option:485,232 Communication(manufactures agreement)

Protection Grade


Probe: IP68

Cable Probe

 Standard 10m, the longest is 100m

Probe installation

According to range and the type of probe

























Power Consumption

Power supply:24V,

No relay: 100mA

Channel 1 of  Relay: 120mA

Channel 2 of  Relay: 145mA

Channel 3 of  Relay: 170mA

Channel 4 of  Relay: 190mA

The specific power is as follows:

 No relay:  24×100mA=2.4W

Channel 1 of  Relay: 24×120mA=2.9W

Channel 2 of  Relay: 24×145mA=3.5W

Channel 3 of  Relay: 24×170mA=4.1W

Channel 4 of  Relay: 24×190mA=4.6W

















About temperature compensation

Temperature has an impact on the propagation speed of ultrasonic waves, resulting in errors in ultrasonic measurement. Meikong MP ultrasonic level gauge is equipped with a temperature sensor for temperature compensation to ensure measurement accuracy.


3. Shape and Size of Trumsense Mud Level Meter:






4. Installation of Trumsense Mud Level Meter:

Please follow them as bellow when you choose the installation location:

1) Keep the sensor perpendicular to the dirt surface and the bottom surface.

2The probe should be completely submerged in water and away from the wall at least 50 cm, if the wall is vertical up and down and the surface flat. If the wall is not flat, the distance is 100cm. If the wall is not up and down vertically, then you need to adjust according to the actual situation.

If the wall is rugged, or with some objects (brackets, pipes ), in order to avoid interference of measurement caused by the above objects, please increase the distance from it.

3There isn’t any obstacle in the emitting surface under of the probe, so the ultrasonic signal can’t block and reflect by obstacles

4The installation of probe should be away from the gas bubbles and floating solids which cased by Velocity mutation, so as to ensure precise and stable of measurement.




5. Wiring of Trumsense Mud Level Meter:

TransducerRedconnect Trans_1 transducer1

           BlueTemp 1 + temperature sensor +

       Yellow (shielded wire ) and Black GNDTemp 1 -

Output:“electricity+”connect mA +; 

electricity - connect GND

RelayRLlnA and RLnB show open;   

      If default state is openplease connect RLlnA and RLnB

       RLnA and RLnC show closed.

  If default state is closedplease connect RLlnA and RLnC




6. Trouble Shooting and Solutions  of Trumsense Mud Level Meter:




Failure work

Not connect power supply

Check the power line



The sludge blanket is running, this mark “▲” which showed on the screen isn’t change, it means the system is in the state of lost wave.

1. Measured distance beyond the range of product

1.consider the longer range

2. Measured medium have strong interference, vibration or more foam.

2. waiting for calm of the material, the device will return to normal measurement.

3.There are interference sources such as frequency converter, motor and so on in the environment.


3.Check the surrounding environment and shield the electromagnetic. Do not use the same power with frequency converter, motor and reliable grounding.

The input and output line can’t share one channel with inverter, motor, or galvanized pipe wear protection separately.

4. The probe doesn’t aimed at the measured surface .

4. Restall the probe, make sure to perpendicular to the surface mud.

5. Measured space has unnecessary object, such as  trash and so on.

5.Choose new installation position to  avoid to appear interferent.

6. The sludge blanket enter blind area.

6. Raise the probe installation position or make mud position lower

7. Measured liquid contains a lot of foam, turbulence or sediment.

7. Eliminate foam can consult manufacturer.


8.No echo

8.the probe is sloping, not aimed at the target

9.Measured distance within the range of product, but don’t receive the echo signal.

9. Select low frequency probe.



7. The reasons why you choose trumsense to purchase?

● OEM ODM factory

● 7x24 hours online proposal supplied

● 100% satisfied after-sales services

Trumsense Technology is an ultrasound technology company integrating R&D, production and sales. Focusing on the R&D and production of ultrasonic material (liquid) level meters, liquid level difference meters, open channel flow meters, mud level meters, sensors, transducers and other products, it occupies nearly 45% of the ultrasonic liquid level and material level industry market.


Mainly engaged in ultrasonic material (liquid) level meter series, pressure level / transmitter series, flowmeter series.


The main application fields of the product: sewage plant water works, mines, water conservancy, power plants, chemical plants, steel plants, printing machinery manufacturing plants, etc., liquid level measurement in various industrial fields, especially sewage treatment, acid and alkaline liquid measurement.







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