UHZ Level Gauge

he magnetic float type liquid level gauge and the measured container form a communicating device to ensure that the liquid level between the measured container and the measuring tube body is equal. When the float in the measuring tube of the level gauge changes with the measured liquid level, the magnetic body in the float interacts with the magnetic body in the color code displayed on the display bar to turn it over. Red means there is liquid, and white means no liquid. To achieve the purpose of accurately displaying the liquid level on the spot.

The user can also use it with a magnetic control level gauge according to engineering needs, which can be digitally displayed on-site, or output a standard remote electric signal of 4-20mA to meet the needs of recording instruments or industrial process control. It can also be used with a magnetic control switch or proximity switch to monitor and alarm the liquid level or control the liquid inlet and outlet equipment.

UHZ Level Gauge

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